The following web sites might be quite helpful to readers of our web site. They represent a core group of sites with current information on governmental resources, organizations or private groups, with very useful information. If you know of any sites that contain information for or about the elderly kindly e-mail us at either of the following e-mail addresses: or .

Council of Senior Centers & Services of NHYC Inc.-Often our readers are an excellent source of information that could be of help to senior citizens. Recently, we were informed of a service in NYC called "Bill Payer Service" that helps older adults remain independent at home. This program is staffed by volunteers under the auspices of Council of Senior Centers & Services of NYC, Inc. Volunteers connect one-to-one with a senior. The program states that volunteers
       .Help keep a senior at home by assisting with bill paying tasks
       .Volunteer on your own schedule
       .Only 4-6 hours a month
       .Ongoing training and support provided.

We would encourage any of our readers would could give time to this program, contact them at or call 718-858-2164.

If you are in need of such a service or know of someone in need of this kind of service, call or email using the above information. Living at home might become a little easier.

We at therubinsreceived the following e-mail from Heather Nahas:
Heather Nahas

Feb 20 (1 day ago)

to rubin

Hi there, 

I'd like our site to be considered to be included in your links page here:

I'm with . We provide hospice and palliative care, as well as at home care. Please have a look at our website and let us know if you would consider listing us. 


Access America for Seniors has become FirstGov for Seniors: http://www.firstgov.govThis site will lead you to all other U.S. Government sites on the net that will be useful to you concerning matters of the elderly or the aging. Recently the site has linked to all State sites giving helpful web sites for information on the State level. We will duplicate this listing for a short while, and thereafter it will appear only under FirstGov.

Administration on Aging: -
A federal government site that has information for older Americans to help provide opportunities and services to enrich their lives. We at therubins would like to thank Leah Hart for advising us that the previous Web address was no long valid

Airline Departure and Arrival Time at Any Airport: A free service that will provide you with exact departure and arrival times for any flight in the U.S. It also provides a free e-mail service to notify you of the arrival time of any flight you so indicate.

Alzheimer's Disease Education & Referral Center: An excellent source of information about Alzheimer's Disease.

Alzheimer's Disease Research from the American Health Assistance Foundation: Another excellent source for all sorts of information about Alzheimer's Disease.

Arthritis and Glucosamine Information Center: With alll the controversy these days over the COX -2 pain killer medications, there are many medical experts who feel glucosamine is a viable alternative to these medications. The site is free and quite helpful

Arthritis- A resource site for everything to do with arthritis.  Full of newsletters, articles, links and other resources - ALL FREE - in one easy to navigate site to save time and money.

New York State Ombudsman- Information on nursing home complaints that have been resolved at a lower level than those reported to licensing can be obtained. The ombudsman tries to resolve the concerns at the lowest level, therefore these would not be shown on the Medicare nursing home surveys for example.
Martha Haase, State LTC Ombudsman, NY State Office for the Aging
(518) 474-7329
Thanks to Linda Kelly for emailing this one in to us

New York State Partnership for Long Term Care: New York State's Long Term Care Insurance program wherein protection may be afforded for the preservation of assets while under a long term care program.

Northern Illinois University Gerontology Site: An excellent site containing a great deal of useful information on the topic of gerontology.

Novartis Foundation for Gerontological Research: This site replaces This was pointed out to us by one of our viewers, Stephanie Miller, and we thank her for her effort. In addition she pointed out another excellent site to us Healthy Agingģ is a national health initiative developed to help individuals think more positively about growing older. The promotion began over 15 years ago as the result of the overwhelming public response to the public television special, Our Nation's Health... Healthy Agingģ, produced by CWI Productions, Inc., an independent film and video production company

Osteoporosis Information and Prevention: This site Offers clear, easy to read information on osteoporosis and its prevention. Includes osteoporosis causes, risk factors, signs and symptoms.

Patient's Rights: This is the site set up by the Department of Health and Human Services that will give you information about your rights as a patent under the Health and Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA).

Prescription Drugs-Comparitive Shopping: This is an excellent site if you want to find the best price for a particular drug.

Prescription Drugs- is an excellent site that goes into the whole prescription drug question, and what is available out there to help you learn more about it. It is quite extensive and covers a whole plethora of issues on this matter.

Prescription Drugs and the Elderly: If you are looking for information about what a particular state is doing to help the elderly with prescription drug costs please go to the site set up by the National Conference of State Legislatures located at

Prostate Cancer- Malecare: This site shows the organization's prostate cancer information news that is updated weekly. It contains unique article written by patients and doctors. The organization facilitates prostate cancer support groups and free lectures open to the public. http// This site contains links to about 20,000 dictionaries, encyclopedias, newspapers and other useful referrence sites. It was started in 1995 Bob Drudge, a former social worker and librarian.

Reference Sites: Thanks to one of our viewers by the name of John Cooper here are a few terrific referrence sites that will help you find a lot of great information: For the general index to all the information-; for referrence to heatlth matters:

Senior Citizens Directory: It is a seniors directory written by and for seniors in the USA.  The site is:

SeniorLiving Org: We at therubins recently received this email and recommend this site highly

Dear Harold,
I was just browsing the web looking for information for my site when I found your reference site for people who care about seniors ( I noticed that you already list some useful sites. I would like to recommend a new resource. SeniorLiving.Org is a unique resource because it includes every possible senior care option. If you can find another site with a resource anywhere near as complete, Iíll be shocked.

I have been manually compiling this resource for over the past 5 years, after I had a hard time finding trustworthy information for my dadís care. SeniorLiving has more reviews, more photos and more listings than any other senior site, I guarantee it.

Iím sure you are very busy but I hope you have the time to evaluate it because it is a unique resource. I would really appreciate it if you will consider adding SeniorLiving.Org to your resources and I would also appreciate any feedback or suggestions that you have for my site.

I really care about Seniors,

   Ken Teegardin
The Executive Branch - U.S. Government: At the White House Web site, users can send an e-mail to President George W. Bush, reserve a campsite in a national forest, apply for college financial aid and volunteer for the Peace Corps. There is information about passports, on-time performance of major airlines, presidential biographies and weather forecasts for any U.S. city.

The Institute for Continuing Care: Non-profit research and educational organization established to study the future of long term care for the disabled elderly.

The National Center for Health Statistics: provides up-to-date information on where to write for birth, death, marriage and divorce records in each State and Territory.

The Social Security Administration: A very useful site containing all the latest information you need to know about the Social Security Administration. To locate the Social Security office closest to you, visit their Field Office Locator To get an updated copy of all Social Security program publications try

The U.S. Census Bureau: Contains all the vital statistics that you would want to know, and in addition includes health care, Medicare, Medicaid, Nursing Home expenditures. Also helpful in this area is: .Click on "get data" under American Community Survey if for example you wanted to get the poverty rate in your local community.

United States Government Printing Office-: .Contains a list of all the free publications from the various governmental departments and agencies. It also includes a compendium of over 10,000 books published by the governmental agencies and the price for same.

United States Government:For all questions about or information that you would like to have about the Legislative, Executive or Judicial Branches of the U.S. Government please go to

United States House of Representatives-:

United States Senate:

United States Senate Special Committee on Aging: The Senate Committee headed by John Breaux(D-La) that holds hearings and begins the legislative process for issues related to the elderly. The site also contains links to the Senate and the House of Representatives and their respective committees. You can find the e-mail address for any Congressperson herein. You can also see what the various committees are doing and what is happening on the legislative agenda.

United States Supreme Court: Contains a searchable database of the court's docket, showing the procedural history of all pending and recently decided cases.

Visiting Nurse Service of New York: This site leads you in turn to VNS Choice which is a comprehensive, managed long term care program for adults age 65 and up who wish to live at home but need assistance with day-to-day activities.

Wisconsin Geriatric Education Center: A site devoted to enhance the quality of life and promote wellness for the elderly.


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