Medical Abbreviations found in Medical Charts- Part II

In part I of this series, we presented some of the more common abbreviations you would find in a prescription. One of our readers asked if we could list some of the common abbreviations found in medical charts. The list below is not exhaustive, but represents a fair sample of abbreviations found in medical charts. We welcome any additions or corrections from our readers.

Term or Phrase Abbreviation Meaning

Abs. feb absente febre when fever is absent

A. c. Ante cibum before meals

Ad grat acid Ad gratam aciditatem to an agreeeable sourness

Ad 2 vic Ad duas vices for two doses

Aggred. feb Aggrediente febre while fever is coming on

Al. dieb Alterius diebus every other day

Alt. hor. Alterius horis every other hour

Alv. deject Alvi dejectiones the intestinal evacuations

Aq. asir Aqua astricta ice

A. S. Auris sinistra left ear

Bib Bibe Drink

Cap. Capiat let him take

Cib Cibus food

C. m. Cras mane tomorrow morning

C. m. s. Cras mane sumendus to be taken tomorrow morning

Col. Cola strain

Collut. Collutorium a mouth wash

Collyr. Collyrium an eye wash

Cyath Cyathus a glassful

De d. in d. De die in diem from day to day

Fract. dos Fracta dosi in divided doses

Guttat. Guttatim by drops

Hd. Hors decubitus at bedtime

In d. In die daily

Lat. dol Lateri dolenti to the painful side

Mor. dict. More dicto in the manner directed

Noct. Nocte at night

P. c. Post cibum after a meal

P. r. n. Pro re nata when required

Q. q. h. Quaque quarta hora every fourth hour

Rx Recipe take

St Stet let it stand

Ut dict Ut dictum as directed

Q. h. Quaque hora every hour

Absente febre abs. feb. -Fever being absent

Adhibdendus adhib. -To be administered

Ad partes dolentes ad. part. dolent. -To the painful parts

Adsente febre ads. feb. -Fever being present

Alvo adstricta alv. Alstr. -For constipation

Ana aa. -Of each

Ante cibum a. c.-Before food

Aqua cibos a. c. -Before meals

Cochleare amplum coch. ampl. -Tablespoonful

Cochleare parvum coch. parv. -Teaspoon

Continuantur remedia cont. rem -Continue medicine

Cum c. -With

De die in diem d. -From day to day

Diebus alternis dieb.alt -On alternate days

Durante dolore dur. dol -while the pain lasts

Ex modo prescripto e. m. p. -In the manner prescribed

Gradatim grad. -Gradually

Guttatim guttat. -Drop by drop

Mane primo man. Prim. -First thing in morning

Nocte noct. -At night

Omni hora omn. Hor. -Every hour

Pro re nata p. r. n. -As occasion arises

Quantum libet q.l. -As much as you wish

Quotidie quotid. Daily

Sine aqua sine. aq. -Without water

Statim stat. Immediately

Stet. Stent st. -Let stand

Ut dictum ut dict -As told

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Harold Rubin, MS, ABD, CRC, Guest Lecturer
updated February 20, 2005

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