Addendum to My “Eulogy to the Joker’s Stairs” Article and The High Bridge Library

(12/9/19)- Here’s a photo of the Joker stairs taken in 2014, before it appeared in the Joker movie. Notice, no building on the left and how empty the stairs are, except for the pair of sneakers and some rubbish at the bottom of the steps. The High Bridge library is at the top of the stairs.


(11/28/19)- A picture is worth a thousand words. How true that was for me following the picture of the Joker on those steps in the Bronx.


A tsunami of memories were also stimulated by that picture. Those steps led me to my beloved library and to my first serious reading of an author, Zane Grey. in that haven for all aficionados of the literary word, the library, and specifically the High Bridge  Library.


A quiet refuge, devoid of all the wonderful items library of today use to attract individuals. Books were the only thing in its radar, stillness was in the air and the latest adventure of Zane Grey's heroes awaited me, transporting me to the West with all its heroes. How could a kid from the Bronx go wrong?

Today, I was sadden to learn that that library building was rebuilt at the same site in 2010 and a brand new library with all its attractions was built in its place, all important to enhance the quality of life of those residents who frequent the library. Now it is another haven that has added community events, computerization and digitalization. For me it was a place to bring home a precious book to read and fantasize in my bedroom cave after doing my homework. 

All I can say, may the library continue to provide a rich source of pleasure to one and all. The internet, the kindle, the I-pad are wonderful additional armentarium for our quality of life, but do not forget that reading a hard cover book, feeling the print can give you a lasting euphoria to make your day a little rosier.

Harold Rubin, MS, ABD, CRC, Guest Lecturer
updated December 9, 2019

Eulogy to Stairs

“The Jokers” Stairs Leads to a Library

(10/29/19) “ Out of my sorrow
                    I'll build a stair,
                    And every tomorrow
                    Will climb to me there
                    With Ashes of Yesterday
                     In its hair”
                    (Lenore Speyer singing I sing to myself)

Daily, I walk up and down subway stairs not giving them more than a glancing thought of how weary I feel walking out of the 44 steps at my subway station in Manhattan. Then recently, I was struck by a thought about stairs seeing pictures in the New York Times of The Joker dancing on some steps in the eponymous movie of that name.

Eureka, those were my steps to my tunnel of love, the library. Located off the street on Edward L. Grant Highway, these steep132 steps lead to the High Bridge Public library on Woodycrest Avenue that I frequented 70 years ago. Joyously, I took those steps two at a time, winded when I got to the top but knew that Zane Gray awaited me at the library. My public school, P. S.114, is a couple of blocks away from the stairway.

Now The Joker has made them a tourist attraction in the Bronx. For this member of the old older aged individuals, these steps have precipitated fond memories of growing up in the Bronx. To be sure, it was a long walk to these stairs from Walton Avenue, and one could have walked up Anderson Avenue to get to the library, but the challenge was in the stairs to demonstrate our athletic ability. Thank you Joker for providing a wonderful memory. I am already feeling younger. The 44 steps are nothing now to this 88 year old. Ha ha!!!


Harold Rubin, MS, ABD, CRC, Guest Lecturer
dated October 23, 2019

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