The Cost of Assisted Living in Select Areas Across the United States

(5/20/13)- A report from Genworth Financial, an insurance provided in Waltham, Mass., estimated that the average cost for living in an assisted-living facility in this country is $3,450 a month, an increase of 4.55% since 2012. The cost for a licensed home aide is $19 per hour, which is a little lower than the $22.50 that this writer was paying when my wife recently required one.

(9/15/06)- On average, assisted-living facilities cost about $35,000 a year, up about a third from 2002, according to the most recent survey by MetLife Mature Market Institute. There are about 36,000 such facilities nationwide, but this figure keeps growing each month.

According to assisted living industry data, the facilities are about 95% full, and the demand for these types of facilities continues to increase as we continue to have an aging population. The price increase for usage of these facilities continues to far outpace the rate of inflation.

(11/24/05)-According to a recent study by MetLife Mature Market Institute, assisted -living costs rose 15% this year, to a nationwide average of $2,905 a month. MetLife did a telephone study of 87 major markets in the United States in August 2005. This was not a study of nursing homes, but of places where individuals reside who are not capable or choose not to live alone. According to information from their web site

"Services included in the base price of an assisted living facility usually include two to three meals per day, assistance with Activities of Daily Living, social activities, medication management, laundry and housekeeping. Additional fees may be charged for services such as additional personal care, laundry needs over and above the basic service, meals delivered to the living quarters and dementia care."

The chart below lists the average monthly costs of assisted living in various U. S. markets:

Boston $4,629
Dallas-Fort Worth $2,865
Jackson, Miss area $1,642
Miami $2,348
New York City $3,423
Phoenix $2,905
Raleigh-Durham, N.C. $2,818
San Francisco $3,700
Stanford Conn. area $4,312
Vermont, statewide $3,029

The MetLife Mature Institute commissions studies and polls, working with academic institutions and independent research organizations to analyze trends and patterns related to the aging of America and its application to business.

The following information comes from the press release of the MetLife Mature Institute:

As the population ages, assisted living is fast becoming a viable and often preferred option for those who are relatively independent, but who need some supportive services and social interaction," said Sandra Timmermann, Ed.D., director of the MetLife Mature Market Institute.

"The cost of care in an assisted living facility is rising rapidly and in many areas, is outpacing inflation. With 15% yearly increases, this type of living arrangement may be out of reach for many people," Timmermann added. "In addition, fees sometimes added to the monthly base cost for services, such as meals delivered to the living quarters and dementia care, may add up, and should be researched carefully."

Assisted living is defined as a housing option for older adults promoting independence and autonomy while also providing services to assist aging individuals with daily living. Facilities can range in size from a small house to a large apartment-style complex, though most have between 25 and 125 units.

According to the Assisted Living Federation of America, more than one million Americans live in 20,000 assisted living residences. The typical resident is a woman in her 80ís who is either widowed or single. The majority of those in assisted living facilities pay privately or through a long-term care insurance policy. Assisted living facilities traditionally have not been funded through Medicaid, though a number of states have begun covering some services through Medicaid waiver programs. Currently, no federal quality standards exist for assisted living and licensing varies from state to state.


Allan and Harold Rubin, MS, ABD, CRC, Guest Lecturer
updated May 20, 2013

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